Ship List — January 2951

The Anvil Carrack

A year ago I posted my thoughts on the ships I’d like to add to my fleet. Over the past year, a number of changes have been made to that list, in fact, it's surprising how much has changed in just six months or so.

So the ships in my fleet in January 2950 were— the , , the and and the trusty last but not least.

For January 2951 the ship list features the , and

Not a bad year for improving the fleet!

The current fleet — January 2951

Two ships were added early last year starting with the Esperia Prowler that I won in a competition courtesy of DeejayKnight. I just love the distinctive design of the ship which just oozes menace.

The second ship was added during the summer — The Carrack. I’d been test flying the ship during Invictus week and loved everything about it. Originally I’d planned to get a Banu Merchantman this year but the Carrack impressed me. It seems to be pretty self-contained for life in the Verse. A good home.

I like the design most of all. I’ve also realised this year that Anvil is my favourite ship manufacturer. The Carrack comes with the RSI rover which solves the lack of having no enclosed ground vehicle. The Anvil C8 Pisces is handy too and I added the C8X Pisces Expedition during the recent IAE.

Full of attitude — the Esperia Prowler

So what about my original choice of the Merchantman? Well, I purchased the CCU to upgrade from the Prowler to the Merchantman during the IAE too. While I love the aesthetics of the Esperia ship, the Prowler’s role as a dropship doesn’t really fit in with what I need from a ship.

The IAE 2950 had another surprise. After some thought, the Constellation Andromeda was upgraded to an Aegis Vanguard Warden. The Connie is in a difficult place at the moment and wasn’t getting much use.

With not much love from RSI plus the role of cargo hauler having been largely overtaken by the addition of a Carrack and Merchantman to my fleet, it just didn’t have a role within the fleet. That said, I do love the Constellation ship design so the luxury Phoenix variant has been added to the potential purchase list for 2951. I currently don’t have any luxury transport.

I miss my Hornet :(

The other ship to be added to the fleet this year is the Anvil Hornet Ghost.

My loaner Hornet disappeared when I upgraded to the Warden so a replacement is definitely required.

Anvil Hornet F7C-S Ghost — Love the Hornet and I like the idea of the Ghost being ‘low profile’.

RSI Constellation Phoenix — A long-range ship and the luxury role is something new for the fleet.

Anvil Terrapin — The ship I was originally interested in when I first started checking out Star Citizen. I love it… BUT it is quite expensive for what it is.

Anvil Hawk — It’s a great ship. I thought I’d hate it but found I loved it.

So the list is shorter for this year. As I found out last year though, the direction of a fleet can change quite suddenly. New priorities, new ship releases and more can alter the ship list drastically. I never imagined having both Carrack and Merchantman in my fleet for the end of 2950.

It just happened that way I guess. I wonder what the list will look like next year?

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