Images from the recent XenoThreat event. I had a great time and ended the event with the largest amount of cash I’ve ever had in-game. Yes, the problems with the event were frustrating but were soon forgotten when a group of citizens worked together for a common goal.

The glow from my first Idris blowing up is a moment I’ll remember for a long time.

A collection of pics from the last couple of months.

The Anvil Carrack

A year ago I posted my thoughts on the ships I’d like to add to my fleet. Over the past year, a number of changes have been made to that list, in fact, it's surprising how much has changed in just six months or so.

So the ships in my fleet in January 2950 were— the RSI Constellation Andromeda, P52 Merlin, the Aopoa Nox and Nox Kue and the trusty Aegis Avenger Titan last but not least.

For January 2951 the ship list features the Aegis Vanguard Warden, Anvil Carrack, Banu Merchantman, P52 Merlin, P72 Archimedes, C8 Pisces, C8X Pisces…

The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2950 has finished and, as usual, was a lot of fun. There were no real surprises overall during the event but it was great to get the opportunity to see and fly the ships. I was rather surprised that the IAE 2950 T-shirt wasn’t made available to buy on the website like last year but CIG must have had their reasons. I just like the idea of a memento of the event and the in-game t-shirt purchased with UEC may well vanish in a future patch. …

A positive month in the Verse that included the Invictus Launch Week. I was thrilled and totally surprised to win an Esperia Prowler courtesy of Deejay Knight. With everything currently going on in the world, winning such a great ship certainly lifted the spirits.

So Invictus Launch Week 2950 has finished and largely it’s been a lot of fun with a few hiccups along the way. I didn’t come away with any new additions to the fleet but I have come away with some changes to my ship wishlist. Often these events don’t fall quite into line with when I get paid (being a freelancer doesn’t help) but there are other options and opportunities for adding ships to the fleet.

The highlight was viewing the Javalin and Idris’ dock with the firework display. Seeing those huge ships in-game was very impressive and a glimpse…

From the intense cold beauty of Microtech to the scorched polluted terrain of Hurston, it’s been a busy month in the PU and PTU.

As I continue to explore Microtech it makes me realise how far Star Citizen has come in the year I’ve been a backer. New Babbage as a fully active destination will be fantastic. Part of the appeal to backing Star Citizen is seeing the Verse come together piece by piece.

January was also about ships — testing them in the PTU and just flying around in the PU. I finally made a ship list identifying those ships I’d like to add to the fleet. With Star Citizen on a long road to release, I think there’s a very good chance the list will develop further and change over time.

After mentioning I’d made a ship list I got asked about what was on the list… so here it is and why.

This list will no doubt change over time as Star Citizen develops and as I add ships. It's a long road. What I will do is update this twice a year — January for intent and December for the result. I have not included ships that I plan to buy in-game with UEC when SC launches. You have to have something to aim for!

For some, ships are status symbols. Huge fleets with massive capital ships taking pride…

Citizen Campbell

The observations and adventures of an independent pilot in #StarCitizen - Richard Campbell. Become a Star Citizen get 5,000 free Credits

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